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How To Start Weight Training For Women (Beginner-s Gym Guide)

Published on 09 Jan 2020 / In How-to & Style

Beginner’s Guide to Weightlifting for Women

I'm so happy that strength training for women is really taking off, but... Beginner weight lifting can seem so confusing and the gym can be a scary place for a newbie! With so many different workout styles and not to mention weird looking machines, learning weight lifting can feel very overwhelming and intimidating.

But fret not! Shelley is here to save the day and tell you everything you need to know about weight training for women.

If you want to learn the best way to start strength training for women (i.e. how to sculpt STRONG Curves) but have no idea how to go about it, this video will clear up every single doubt and answer all of your questions about weight training for women.

As a beginner to lifting weights, when I first started nearly a decade ago, I was CLUELESS and completely PETRIFIED of the gym. Luckily I had my Viking to show me the ropes and set me on the right path.

Everything I have learned over the last decade has been squeezed in to this beginner weight training guide video.

You’re going to learn:

01:26 How to gain CONFIDENCE in the gym (before you even step foot inside!)
03:33 Avoid the biggest newbie MISTAKES in the gym!
04:37 How to be PREPARED (&get the most out of your workouts)
05:19 Best way to REPEL gym creeps
06:33 Full body or SPLIT by muscle group?
07:07 How many DAYS per week is best?
07:46 Number 1 RULE for newbies in the gym (to get the best results)
09:10 Best beginner EXERCISES (lower & upper body with free weight exercises)
11:53 What about the BOOTY?
13:40 Should you take REST days?
14:12 How to tailor your own PROGRAM (best gym workout routines for women)
15:13 How to stay MOTIVATED when progress is slow
16:47 The THREE pillars of lifting (without this you WILL NOT get results!)
21:48 How HEAVY should you lift?
23:23 How fast will you see results?

**Thank you for patiently waiting for my STRONG Curves guide!**
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Shell x

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Create your own fitness channel and start earning money per month and per subscriber!
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Create your own fitness channel and start earning money per month and per subscriber!